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A Short History of Excalibur ADHD Association

Year 2015-2016

Maya Warnock gave a lecture at the Nova Scotia Early Childhood Mental Health Conference. She helped a mother deal with the school her son with ADHD attended. We need to be able to correct some of the errors perpetrated by schools, be it teachers, resource teachers or psychologists. The notion that people should just accept a person with ADHD as they are, is a fallacy. The notion is beautiful and life for people with ADHD would be so much easier, however in reality it is not happening.
We offered one Family School POP in the spring.
Our Working Memory Program continues to help people, the results we have seen are remarkable. We have tested former students and the results have been astounding. Their ability to focus has increased after one year. The improvements may last until they start to lose their memory due to aging.
Apparently we offer more programs for people with ADHD than any similar group in Canada. We are known in several countries such as, the Scandinavian countries, Germany, England, Russia, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Lebanon, Australia and the U.S.A. We have had two people move to Nova Scotia from other provinces because of the programs we offer.
In the Spring we started to offer Support groups over Skype. We can now service all of Nova Scotia. We had one Joint Support Meeting in October: "ADHD & Diet".

 Year 2014-2015

We introduced a Joint Support Group, which meets when we have a speaker on a special topic. Another was the creation of a new colouring book for children with ADHD 6-12 years old. Barbara Diamond drew some fantastic pictures based on the captions.
We added a Summer Camp for Children with ADHD, their Siblings and Friends 6-12 years old.
We have a new Website. It is quite different from the old one. It has a more modern look.
The Working Memory Program was very successful this year. We have two-three WM-clients that may complete before the Russian Dinner. We purchased two computer desks for the Working Memory and one new computer. We are now able to coach two clients at a time providing they are at similar levels. Working Memory training is becoming more mainstream and is more accepted, so we hope that will increase our customer base. It is a neurofeedback program, which is hailed as the best intervention for people with ADHD.


Year  2013-2014

We opened our first Parents of Youth Support Groups, one in collaboration with Phoenix House in Mulgrave Park. This group was closed in May. We started one for this age-group in Dartmouth. All the Dartmouth Groups joined together for a pot-luck in June. We opened one Student Group in the South End. Unfortunately, both student groups floundered. We will start anew in the fall of 2014. The Working Memory Training graduated only one person. We tested one of the Working Memory Training clients that finished in June 2013 to ascertain, if the benefits would last one year. We purchased a second unit of the Working Memory program plus a computer and two computer desks.  The results were amazing. Both the Russian Dinner and the Scandinavian BBQ were successful this year.


Year  2012-2013

We started with three active support groups, but needed one facilitator, who started in October. We launched our first University group at the Mount. Our first group in Halifax started in January. It was an adult group. We had our first facilitator meeting in November 2012. We paid for some training of some of the facilitators.

The Russian Dinner was a great success. We had the Scandinavian BBQ in July and saw the numbers dwindle.  The Rotary Club honoured Maya Warnock with the Paul Harris Award.


Year 2011-2012

At our Annual General Meeting in October we changed the name from Excalibur After School Society to Excalibur ADHD Association.  This change reflects the additional focus on adults and teenagers with ADHD.  We offered a Saturday Camp for children with ADHD 6-12 years old from September to December and another one from March to June.  In January 2012 we introduced our first Support Group for Adults with ADHD.  In March we had Dr. Sam Goldstein join us over Skype at Saint Mary's University for an evening.  Saint Mary's were co-sponsors of this event.  We received funding from the Rotary Club for a Working Memopry program and related hardware.  We will introduce this program in the fall of 2012.  We had another sucessful Russian Dinner in November and a Scandinavian BBQ in June.


Year 2010-2011

This was a very productive year. We started an Internet-based Support Group.  Unfortunately the program was too complicated to use so we did not purchase it. We then started a Support Group for Parents of Children with ADHD in Dartmouth. The group grew and now we have about 40 people on our-email list. In November we introduced our Russian Dinner, which was a great success. In May we had a Bowlarama. In June we had a Scandinavian BBQ. One of the highlights for the year was training an ADHD Coach. Thanks to Saint Mary’s University and the Rotary Club of Dartmouth we were able to pay for this training. We also contacted Dr. Sam Goldstein to be our first expert in “Meet the Expert”, which will be launched in March 2012. We worked on another service as well, hopefully it will come to fruition in 2012.


Year 2009-10

The year was spent working on some new programs and looking for funding for Family School POP and the new equipment we would need for these new programs.  We ran three fundraisers to cover our operating costs.  They were very successful.  Several letters were sent out soliciting funding.  We did receive some funding from several avenues, which we greatly appreciate.  We also talked to the Marilyn More, Minister of Education, seeking mutual interests.

Year 2008-9

Dr. Colin Dodds, President of Saint Mary’s University, made the keynote speech at our Annual General Meeting.  He spoke about Saint Mary’s efforts to assist students with ADHD.  In October our President met Dr. Sam Goldstein at a conference.  He requested the outline of the two programs we offer.  He wrote: “Your programs…. certainly sound wonderful.”  He read the Family School POP Handbook and wrote the foreword to it.  Dr. Carmen Moir, Deputy Minister of Education (retired), read the chapter on “Dealing with Schools/Daycares”.  We ran three fundraisers to cover some of our administration costs.  The funding from both Royal Bank and Edwards Family Charitable Foundation were used to purchase the POP equipment. As we received some funding for the POP program from Edward Family Charitable Foundation, we ran a pilot program of the Family School POP starting in March 2009.  It was a great success.


Year 2007-8

We did not offer the After School Program as we were developing the Family School POP (Preschool Over-activity Program).  The year was spent seeking funding and writing the Family School POP Handbook.  We also needed to investigate the equipment needed for this new program.  We had two fundraisers to cover the costs for the year.  We asked Edwards Family Charitable Foundation if we could use the balance of the gym funds for the equipment for Family School POP, they agreed.  Royal Bank sent us some funding for the POP equipment.


Year 2006-7

In May our Program Leader went to Finland to observe a preschool preparation program there.  A stalemate was the result of this year’s Chess Tournament.  This year we had our first graduate.  He is now going to Junior High. In December Edwards Family Charitable Foundation sent us a cheque for gym equipment.  We purchased a lot of items.  However, due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to complete our gym as planned.


Year 2005-6

In January our kitchen was completed (after Juan) and we started our Cooking Club again. We received some funding for a Music Experience for our students.  They seemed to really like it.  We read among others Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret, and then we watched the movie. The Chess Tournament had a new Champion.  Our library now had more than 800 books/movies.  This was our most successful fundraising year to date.


Year 2004-5

We raised enough funds to purchase a computer for the students.  The highlights of the year were the Doll Exhibit and Victoria Christmas at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, a fossil hunt at the Natural Museum of Nova Scotia.  As the Program Leader had to leave in April-May for a family emergency, Mrs. Judy Harvey stepped in and helped the students make their Mother’s Day gifts.  We had more fundraisers this year then before.  We increased our library to about 650 books, partially due to a large donation by a retiring teacher.  This year we had our first Chess Champion.


Year 2003-4

September Hurricane Juan damaged our facility to the point we had to move to a temporary location.  We moved back in March 2004.  We managed some interesting trips: Cole Harbour RCMP, Shearwater Aviation Museum, King Street Fire Station, the Black Cultural Centre, Cole harbour Farm museum and the “Grinch” exhibit at the Art Gallery.  We also had a guided tour of the Natural Museum of Nova Scotia, where the students were introduced to the life of a beaver.  Our library now had about 400 book/movies.  A 50 Move Draw was the result of the Chess Tournament.


Year 2002-3

September we opened the doors to students at Hawthorn School, Bicentennial and Bridgeway Academy.  We had students from all three schools.  The highlight of the year included two drama performances, and a trip to a horse barn, where the students rode horses.  Our first Chess Tournament yielded a stalemate.


Year 2001-2

March 2001 Excalibur After School Society had its first meeting.  Present were among others a Retired Deputy Minister of Education, several schoolteachers, a special needs coordinator and others.  Excalibur After School Society registered as a society in July.  We spent over one year developing the curriculum for the program.