Hobbies and Sports for children with ADHD

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Hobbies and sports are wonderful things for your child with ADHD as well as for you, if you have ADHD.  People with ADHD tend to excel at things they enjoy and find interesting.


Hobbies don’t just occur out of the blue.  They need to be nurtured.  If you have a special hobby, try to share it with your child.  Remember this is fun for both of you.  Don’t ruin it by being picky in how successful your child is in executing the hobby you have chosen.  If your hobbies don’t lend themselves to a child, try something new.  Many communities offer courses in painting, music and crafts.  Maybe your church has some activities your child could partake in.  You may have to try many things before your child finds something he enjoys doing.  Collecting something like baseball cards, stamps, coins etc. may capture your child’s imagination.  As he develops some knowledge in his area, his self-esteem will be boosted by someone asking his advice or for him to explain something about his hobby.

You can also take your child to a museum to explore an exhibit.  Museums often have exhibits that children enjoy.  Contact you local museum/s to find out what they are showing and then make plans to visit, when an interesting exhibit is on display.  Remember to ask your child, what kind of things interests him.  If he finds it difficult to come up with something, ask his teacher for some suggestions you can then explore with your child.

It will take some of your time, however, you will reap the benefits in a closer relationship with your child.  Sometimes these activities need to be scheduled, especially if parents work.  Maybe one parent can do one activity and the other parent can do another activity.  If you are a single parent without a partner maybe one of your siblings, friends, or parents can help out.  Hobbies are done to relax you and to give you something fun to do.  Don’t overdo it.  Your child needs time to play with her friends and on her own as well.


Sports can be very good for you or a child with ADHD.  However, some contact sports may not be suitable especially if you/your child tend to be aggressive.  Some children with ADHD do not well in these kinds of sports.  However, gymnastics and swimming are good alternatives.  These are individual sports and may be better suited to you or a child with ADHD.  If you/your child tends to be full of energy in the morning, let him jog for about 15 minutes.  This is a healthy way to let off some steam and a good way to start the day.  You may find that your bosses/his teacher tells you that you/he has calmed down.  If you or your child likes martial arts, Tai Chi is a good beginning.  It will teach you/your child some controls before you/he goes on to more aggressive martial arts.  The problem with some martial arts is that you or the child stays in the program just long enough to learn some basic techniques without the balance of learning the control needed to use them appropriately.  Again you may have to try several things before your child finds something he enjoys.


Outdoor activities are wonderful for your child and you.  A morning jog or just a walk around the block may help you/your child have a good day.  In the winter encourage yourself/your child to build snow forts (avoid roofs) and snow lanterns.  Skating and skiing are wonderful winter activates.  It is known that when one is active one’s brain works better.  Bicycles are fun in the summer.  Camping is fun for the whole family.

In the summer continue to have structured days.  You and your child with ADHD will perform better with structure.  Have a schedule for what activities you are planning for each day.  Remind yourself/your child by having a calendar in a prominent space and remind him verbally as well.