Excalibur ADHD Association (formerly Excalibur After School Society) would like to thank all the people, who contribute to our Society. The work we do and the people we assist could not go on without this generous support. We would like to mention a few major contributors, however, this does not diminish our gratitude to anyone who has helped in anyway over the time we have been in operation.

Cobequid Community Health Board
Dartmouth Community Health Board
Edwards Family Charitable Foundation
Faith Baptist Church, Lower Sackville
Lutheran Church of Our Saviour, Dartmouth
Rotary Club of Dartmouth

 We have received support from a multitude of people, companies and groups, who have contributed either time or money to our society. They include:

Rev. & Mrs. Richard Bieber
Kenneth Cameron
Nancy G. Cameron
Don Chard
Chrissy Chauvette
Erin Christian
Beulah Comeau, In Memory of
John Comeau
Anne & Stephen Croft
Joyce Croft, In Memory of
Barbara Crawford
Barbara & George Diamond
Dillon Consulting
Mac Everett
Linda & Don Forbes
Mr. & Mrs W.E. Frank
Susan Fraser
Betty & Glendon George
Carol & Gary Gibson
Grace Keeler Women's Missionary Society
Valarie & Ernst Grundke
Blair Hammond, In Memory of
Judy Hammond
Judy Harvey
Joyce & Lee Hiltz
Lissi Jeppesen, In Memory of
Michelle Johnson
Carol Kean
Yael Kollet
Paula LeBlanc
Nancy LeRoy, In Memory of

Linda & David Lunn
Colin Madden

Eva & Frank Mader
Michael Manahan
Marilyn Smith Women's Missionary Society
Bob Marshall, In Memory of
Margaret MacKenzie
Danny McGuire
Hope & Stewart Moen
Peter Morgan
Cathy & Pat Morrison
Don Pitkanen, In Memory of
Irma Pitkänen
Kendall & Mike O'Connor
Inge & Bob Ruohoniemi
St. James United Church Women, Dartmouth
St. John's United Church Women, Fall River
Judith Sanders-Morse
Susan & Walter Scott
Janice Skinner
Amanda & Michael Smallhorn
Cindy & Ed Smallhorn
Lisa & Blair Sooley
Anne & David Stewart
Gailyn Strauss
Paul Surette
Telus Corporation
Ginny & Stan Thomas
George Turetzek, In Memory of
Mary Turetzek
Beverley & Willard Warnock
Douglas Warnock, In Memory of
Maya & Stephen Warnock



My personal thank you to all who have supported us. We would not be able to provide our services or develop new ones without your generousity. A thank you to all, who have served or are serving on our Board. Our Society would not function without your contribution to the running of this organization.


Maya Warnock

Member of:

Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia
World Federation of ADHD
WFMH (World Federation of Mental Health)

Information for Donors to Charities
Joint Stock Database:
Revenue Canada: Charities and Giving:

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