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What can we offer members?

1. Up-to-date research on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in the way of articles that are on a web-site available to members only. Some research articles are available only at the office: ADHD Report and Journal of Attention Disorders.
2. Books on ADHD.
3. Videos on ADHD can be shown at an ADHD Support Group or can be shown at our office in Dartmouth.
4. We may have informal meeting discussing ADHD a couple of times/year.
5. We use our website to allow psychologists, universities, support groups to have their contact information on our website. This is done with a disclaimer.
6. We have free brochures and materials about ADHD and related topics.
7.Family Members are chosen first for the Family School POP and the Saturday Camp. The Camp fee is reduced for Family Members.
8.First Choice for Working Memory Training.
9. Have input to an advocacy group.

Who might be interested?

1.Parents: The Family School POP Training, the After School Program, Support Group, support when they deal with the schools and reduced costs for Webinars.
2.Teachers: We have information about safe schools, how to conduct a Parent-Teacher interview (from the parents point of view) plus the Family School POP training and reduced cost for Webinars.
3.Nurses & Social Workers: The Family School POP Training and resources on ADHD, reduced costs for Webinars.
4.Universities: have their information on our website. Have access to the Family School POP videos for research. Promote their psychology programs and programs they have for students with ADHD.
5.Students in ECE, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Youth/Children’s Ministry would have access to articles etc. Information would be available about ADHD in the form of our books and articles and reduced costs for Webinars, Seminars etc.
6.Mental Health Practitioners: Psychologists, Therapists and Psychiatrists.

Membership Costs

Individual $10.00
Families $25.00 under one roof
Students $ 5.00 (must show a valid ID)
Organizations/Professionals $40.00

Payment can be done via electronic transfer from your bank or a cheque made out to Excalibur ADHD Association and mailed to 32 Dundas Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2T9. Please, include name, address, phone number, email address and type of membership (Students must enclose copy of valid ID) in the email.



Our Book-Library is open to our Members Fridays 5-7 PM, except during inclement weather.

What fees are used for

Your membership fees go into our operating account. It is mainly used for costs of the Library:  Books, Articles and Peer Journals.

In addition any residue will assist with:

Support Groups:
Police checks for new Facilitators
Promotions/Advetising the meetings
Training of Facilitators.

Funding the operation of Excalibur ADHD Association:
b.Office expenses
c.Printing expenses
d.Board expenses

We augment these funds with fundraisers during the year. Some fundraisers are done for a specific purpose.  Any residual amounts from our programs that require a fee are also used for these expenses.


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