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Research Shows


Children with Working Memory Issues

have a Greater Risk of 

Dropping out of School



Our Working Memory Program training can help. 

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Helps you focus in a meeting/class

Enables you to remember the page you just read

Assists in improving your social skills

Improves your ability to do a task/project/homework

Helps you know, where you left your keys/gloves etc.

Helps you improve your organization-skills

Helps you make better decisions

Helps you take control of your life

Call 902-461-1761 for a free consultation

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 The Program

The program is on an individual basis.  You will progress at your own speed.  The program is for 40-60 plus hours.  You must spend at least one hour/week on the program: usually 30 minutes twice/week, however, an adult can do 45 minutes twice/week or 1.5 hours.  You can start whenever there is a time slot available.  Adults can start with a Boot Camp.  There is only one Boot Camp starting in July per year for children.  All Boot Camps must start at the beginning i.e. at zero (0) hours.

You will see a remarkable change in your ability to focus.  Your family and friends will notice it before you do.  It takes twelve years to get a basic education plus a few more years for a promise of a better paying job.  About one year in this program will give you the opportunity to reach your ability based on your intelligence and aptitude.  If you have a child or are an adult, who wish to improve, this could be your ticket toward your goal. 

Test results:  We have been testing people that have completed the program.  Everyone, who returned after one year has increased their attentions since completion.  Only one person has returned after two years, she was a little lower than when she completed the program, but still higher than when she started as well as still showing remarkable attention.


Maya Warnock, B.A. (Hon), M.B.A. has worked with children with ADHD for several years. She has a background in child development & child psychology (MSVU) and school-aged care (St. Laurence College, ON). She is a facilitator for both Family School POP and several Support Groups. She wrote the book for the POP program. She is the program leader for the Saturday Camp. She is the coach for Working Memory Training.  Other training includes: Simply ADHD (an ADHD Coaching course), First Aid for Mental Health for Adults Working with Youth and several courses in Working Memory training. She is updating her knowledge of ADHD any time she has an opportunity to do so.

Stephen Warnock has worked with children with ADHD since 2002.  He has completed the training for Working Memory and is able to help clients master the programs and their attention difficulties.  Other training includes First Aid for Mental Health for Adults working with Youth, Std, First Aid with CPR-C, Plan to Protect (a child abuse prevention program).  Stephen attends lectures dealing with ADHD.


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The complete training takes 40-60 hours.  Training is on an individual basis; you/r child progresses at his own speed.

The ADHD Report (Dr. Russell Barkley, Editor) September 2018 issue states "Neurofeedback is an operant conditioning procedure that, by trial and error, teaches participants to volitionally self-regulate specific regions or networks through real-time audio or visual feedback of their brain activitation, which can be represented on a PC.  For children, this can be gamified in an attractive way.


Neurofeedback is approved by the American Society of Pediatrics with their highest rating:
Level 1 evidenced based treatment for ADHD. 


Steiner et al. research in 2014 concluded:

Neurofeedback made greater improvements in ADHD symptoms compared to
both Control and Cognitive Attention Training conditions.
Thus Neurofeedback is a promising training treatment for children with ADHD.


Working Memory Training is for anyone, who wants to sharpen their focus: 

adults as well as children 8 years and up and youth.

Sessions are on an individual basis.  Your training starts anytime there is a slot available. 

Please, note we now have two units, so we can have two people take the sessions at the same time
(providing they are at the same level of the program).

This is a neurofeedback program

Neurofeedback is a technique in which we train the brain to help improve its ability to regulate all bodily functions and
to take care of
itself.  Neurofeedback measures brain waves to produce a signal that can be used as feedback to teach
self-regulation of brain function.  Neurofeedback is commonly provided using video or sound, with positive feedback
for desired brain activity. (Source Wikipedia; Referenced August 1, 2015)


Improve your life on a permanent basis.      Stockgraph-1.19


Please, note there are no cures for ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism and Dementia, however, this will help.


Working Memory Training helps with:

 Improved Focus

Working Memory Training can increase focus and concentration.

And it does more. Much more. It develops core skills like ignoring distractions, increasing memory, increasing organization, finishing tasks, and following instructions.
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Improved Behavior

Hyperactivity and impulsivity are often problems at both school and home. Your child can learn to control these behaviors through Working Memory Training. Focus more, fidget less. Once these behaviors are controlled, it’s easier for your child to make friends and succeed at school.
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Improved Academics

If you’re tired of seeing your child struggle through school, Working Memory Training is right for you. Working Memory Training has helped thousands of school children. Our program has been used by the US public school system since 1996. It can improve skills that are necessary to survive and thrive in the classroom. Developed by an educator to help his ADHD students. This program is now the world leader in solving attention.
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Improved Social Interaction

Working Memory Training can help improve relationships between siblings or with other children at school. Working Memory Training can also improve interactions between parents and adolescents with ADHD. Your child does not have to be an outcast or feel different. Working Memory Training can help your child make friends and learn the skills necessary to keep them.
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Research on our Working Memory program


Some pictures from the Working Memory Lab

The Lab

Monitoring Band

Main Screen


Should you have any concerns, please, contact our Client Representative by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 902-461-1761 and leave a message for a callback.  The client represetative is not filled at this time.

Parent comment: "I want to thank you for the kind words about Jeff, we agree with you whole heartedly.  We also want to thank you for all you have done for him.  Jeff is trying and we admire him so much for doing so and the positive attitude he is displaying.  You and Excalibur have made a difference in his life.
The names have been changed, but is reproduced with the permission of the parent. 

I took the Working Memory Program from Excalibur ADHD Association and found it very beneficial.  In particular I have noticed a marked improvement in my ability to concentrate on some of the lengthy emails I must read in my work.  Prior to regerstering for this program I spoke to my family doctor, who while not familiar with the Working Memory Program did endorse the benefits of mind exercises.   Judy


Should you have any concerns, please, contact our Client Representative:
Judy Hammond by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact 461-1761 and leave a message for Judy.