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Current Information for Youth and their Parents:

Teen Mental Health in Halifax:  has information about teen mental health.  Watch this video courtesy of Teen Mental Health and YouTube. Watch this video courtesy of Teen Memtal Health and YouTube.

Other Teen websites:  
Welcome to, a place for teens with ADHD to get support, share stories and help each other. My name is Grace Friedman, and I am a teen with ADHD. My goal is to provide some guidance to ADDYTeens who like me really could use a helping hand.
This website has great resources and information, and you can post questions for me and others to see. Invite your friends, family, teachers and counselors to download a free copy of my guide: Embracing your ADHD.

Mental Health Emergency Contacts:

IN Nova Scotia


Telephone crisis support and mobile response is offered for work, home, school, and community agencies Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: (902) 429-8167


1-902-490-7283 (Crisis Line)
1975 Gottingen St Halifax, NS, B3J 2H1

Bullying is a terrible experience for children and teenagers which can easily lead to long lasting emotional scars.
As a child, parent, teacher or adult, we as a whole need to be vigilant in recognizing the signs that a child is being bullied or could be a bully.
We offer information and guidance to everyone affected by bullying.

Questions to consider regarding bullying:

* why do children become bullies?
* how can you tell if your child is being bullied?
* what can you do if your child is being bullied?
* how can you help your children deal with bullying?
* what can you do if your child is bullying?

 Ages served: All ages

Languages served: English

Fees: None