Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course for ADHD


Mindfulness is perceived to be the best intervention for people with ADHD
(Dr. Roberto Olivardia, Professor @ Harvard Medical School, also mentioned by Dr. David Rabiner, Research Professor @ Duke University (www.helpforadd.com February 2013) and in ADHD Report Vol. 21 #7 p.10 (Russell Barkley, Editor))

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Check with your Health Insurance to verify coverage or check with your employer.  Some employer will give financial assistance for these courses.


Registration closes T.B.A.

Registration accepted when payment and Mindfulness Application are received.  Send to:

Excalibur ADHD Association
32 Dundas Street,
Dartmouth, NS
B2Y 2T9.

Payment can be made via electronic transfer to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; Remember to send us your password in a seperate email, with your application and in the Subject: "Mindfulness Spring 2015"; or call Maya @ 902-461-1761.  You may also pay through PayPal or mail a check to 32 Dundas Street, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 2T9.


This course requires a minimum of ten (10) people.  The upper level is 20 participants.


Contact Maya @461-1761 for more information.



When we encounter problems in our daily lives that have no quick or easy solution we find ourselves at a turning point.  Ultimately, we chose to continue a lifestyle, which maintains the problem or we chose to cultivate a more gentle and positive attitude toward our lives, our work, and ourselves.

The course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course in a 2.5 hour class meeting once/week for five (5) weeks.  Ongoing practice of mindfulness at home is facilitated by three audio CDs as well as readings, journaling and weekly awareness assignments.

--mindfulness in everyday life
--heightened self-awareness
--meditation practice
--breath practice for decreasing stress
--deep relaxation exercises and body awareness
--gentle yoga, mindful movement and qi gong
--brief lectures and group discussions

What it does

--tune into your breath to calm body and mind in the face of ups and downs
--transform stress reactivity into an effective and energetic personal response
--relax, let go of tension and enjoy your life
--enhance mental disciplines: focus, concentration, memory and the courage to risk and grow
--take personal responsibility for your own well-being and your life's direction
--thrive within a constantly changing world
--set priorities from a deeper place of meaning in your life
--nurture creativity and initiative
--cultivate health communication patterns and teamwork skills
--develop community awareness and shared vision
--transform conflict into creative win-win solutions
--appreciate your intuition and realize your full potential


Dr. Timothy R. Walker

Tim is the founder of the EastWind Stress Reduction Clinic and has more than 25 years' experience integrating Mindfulness into counselling, education and healthcare.  In 1999 with Dr. Rob Rutledge of the Nova Scotia Cancer Centre, Tim co-founded the Skills for Healing Weekend Retreats and in 2003 the Skills for Wellness Programs for healthcare providers.  He has taught at Dalhousie University, Acadia University and the Halifax Counselor Training Institute.  Graduating with a Ph.D. in 1995 from Dalhousie University Tim researched spiritual development of adults within the context of training teachers in meditation exercises to help them transform stress, anxiety and negative emotions into intuitive wisdom and empathic awareness of personality types and learning styles.  His Masters degree (1982) from Naropa University was in Clinical Psychology from both a Buddhist and Western perspective.  He is also trained in System Family Therapy, Transactional Analysis and for the last ten years has studied and practiced Integrated Spiritual Healing.

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